martedì 1 luglio 2014

Bimota’s vice president speaks of WSBK effort

Daniele Longoni explains the choice of bringing Bimota back to racing.

World Superbike official commentator Jonathan Green did an interview with Bimota’s vice president Daniele Longoni. After the recent acquisition of the Italian company, Longoni and new Bimota president Marco Chiancianesi have chosen to bring the Italian marque back into motorcycle racing by starting a partnership with Francis Batta’s Team Alstare and take part in the new EVO class.

“I chose Bimota because I love bikes” said Daniele Longoni. “The current president of the company Marco Chiancianesi is a motorcycle racer himself and last year won the Italian Championship in the over 50 class. I got a Bimota B9 myself and later visited the company’s headquarter and the manufacturing plant. When I came back home I told my wife I bought Bimota and she asked me what model but I told her I actually bought the whole company.”


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