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A quanto pare il ragazzino 17enne dopo aver corso nella stagione passata in moto3 nel Repsol CEV sembra abbia firmato il contratto per correre nel prossimo CEV 2015 con la Vyrus Moto2 della scuderia SC. Dalle notizie apprese in rete Bradley ha già anche avuto modo di prendere contatto con la sua nuova moto.
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Di seguito vi propongo una intervista pubblicata sul sito
Firstly congratulations on securing your ride for 2015 but before we talk about that you competed and were 3rd in the Motostar British Championship last year, you were 4th in the Red Bull Cup and also competed in the CEV Moto3 Championship in Spain. How many races did you compete in and why three championships?
I competed in about 30 to 35 races in 2014. During the season just doing one championship is not enough track time for a rider. So, changing from bike to bike and learning new tracks and just being on the bike all the time helps you improve as a rider.
This year you have signed up with The Vyrus Factory which is rather an interesting bike.
Yeah, very interesting. A very good bike. I’m looking forward to developing it and hoping to make it successful.
What attracted you to ride it this year?
Roger [Keys], my manager wanted me to have a go on it. My first impressions were very good as obviously I have never ridden anything above a 250cc or 125cc so jumping straight onto the Vyrus bike I wouldn’t know what a normal Moto2 would handle like or feel like, so for me it’s normal, it’s a normal feeling. The feeling I got from it was very good.
Bearing in mind how well you did in 2014 some people might wonder why it has taken until February to be able to make a formal announcement for 2015?
I’m not sure really, looking for the right ride, in the right championship and looking for a ride that is going to move you forward and into a World Championship hopefully. And obviously, being on a bike that’s going to give you loads of experience and help you with your feedback to the team and hopefully make you a better rider as well.
Did you ever have concerns that you might end up without a ride for 2015?
It was getting a bit close with the team taking a while to sign for the Vyrus, so obviously we kept looking around for different teams and then eventually Vyrus said we’ll have you for 2015 then it’s sort of a relief, a weight of my shoulders knowing that I’m going to be in the CEV [Moto2 European] Championship.
I imagine the uncertainty makes it a bit difficult to stay focused with preparing over the winter?
Yeah, thinking what am I going to do next year and it comes close to the season you still haven’t signed you sort of get a bit worried but, then when it all works out it’s a relief.
What kind of training do you have to do over the winter to keep yourself in shape?
Normal cardio’, stamina because long distance racing you need good stamina to be able to do the lap time on lap one and do the same lap time on lap twenty as well, and not be tired or worn out.
The Vyrus motorcycle uses a hub center steering system. It’s been around a while but now the company is going to race they must be fairly positive that it’s going to perform?
The team are positive it will work and in theory and practice it should work. When I tested it in Valencia the turning was good the handling was good the front feeling was not too bad so hopefully with more track time, more time with the team and more bike time I’m sure we can get it to how we want it to handle.
Have you had to adapt your riding style at all?
The difference between Moto3 and Moto2 isn’t a massive difference but it’s a different sort of riding. It’s more brake really, really late, enter the corner, then get the bike stood up and get the full gas as you can to get a good exit. Moto3 was more go into the corner on the brakes, let off and carry as much corner speed as you could and get the gas on as quick as you could.
What are your goals on this bike this year? Can it win races?
For sure. I think it will be a podium bike, yeah for sure, but obviously first we need to get used to the bike, get used to the team, get a good base setting on the bike and then work from there but I mean I don’t see why it can’t be a top three runner in the CEV Championship.
The European Championship as it is now known is going to be very competitive this year. Who do you think are your main rivals?
I haven’t looked at the grids yet but I know Xavier Verge one of the Spanish riders is a really quick rider, Steven Odendaal who rides for AGR and I know Luca Marini who rode in the Moto3 Championship last year is on a Moto2 with Pons Racing. It’s going to be an interesting year.
Is there anybody else involved in helping you race in 2015?
We sort out our transport, hotels, car hire and obviously the team bring over the bike, and all the mechanics and spares. We just bring over, obviously me, my Dad and Roger my manager.
The first race is at the end of April. How do you go about preparing now you have secured a ride for 2015?
Well, we got a test on the 20th this month in Cartagena. So we go there with the team. Get to know the team a bit better, get to know the bike, try and get a good set-up for the bike and then take the set-up we got from Cartagena straight to Portimao for the racing and work on it there.
Any advice for a youngster looking to start a career in motorcycle racing?
Never give up on it. And obviously, your Dad needs a big cheque book as well if you’re going to start racing.
Thanks very much Brad it’s great to talk to you and we wish you all the best for the season.
Thank you very much.

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