giovedì 16 marzo 2017

old but good for race

The Bimota YB5 was tagged as the fastest, maddest, most expensive hyperbike on the planet when it was rolled out in 1987. With 130-horsepower from the amazing FJ1200 engine, the YB5 was what the Hayabusa is now, only with the flair and exclusivity that comes with a bike that is hand built and one from a run of only 208 units.
The original YB5 was very trick for the era, with a chro-moly steel cradle frame running machined billet alloy sideplates. It ran a high-end Marzocchi 42mm fork, Brembo brakes and retailed for a then-stratospheric $11,000 USD. It was one of the most amazing, expensive, out of this world and radical motorcycles on the planet.

It was fast – real fast – and it handled almost like a 250 despite housing a massive lump of an engine from a Yamaha FJ1200. By 1988, the production run was over and lucky collectors had a true piece of history.
Almost 30 years later, the YB5 legend remains, but it’s almost impossible to find one today. It took T-Rex Racing’s Rex Wolfenden an eternity to find himself an immaculate low-mileage example. He got hold of one and landed it on the bench in his immaculate Melbourne, Australia, workshop that is famous Down Under for building championship-winning motorcycles, particularly specializing in Honda 750 Fours of the classic Forgotten Era class.

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