giovedì 3 marzo 2016

Fuel Tank

Our BIMOTA DB-5 FuelCel cuts weight by more than 55%, up to 5.0 lb lighter than the stock unit it replaces. This helps acceleration and greatly reduces the bikes polar-moment allowing you to turn in faster than before, you can really feel the difference! This is due of course to ETI's efficient use of KEVLAR and Epoxy in its construction. This also ELIMINATES TANK WARPING DUE TO ETHANOL BLENDED FUELS. This FuelCel retains the front mount bracket and rear grommet along with the stock fuel pump so it will bolt right on to your BIMOTA DB-5.
Finish sanded down to 150 grit, we apply a two part sanding primer making your FuelCel the nicest component you have ever painted. Every Bimota FuelCel is leak tested at the factory ensuring its integrity, along with a seven-point quality control inspection process during its manufacturing. We supply our proprietary quick turn Billet fuel cap for you! Lock option and or Drybreaks available at an additional cost. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against leaks in the industry, that is how much we believe in the integrity our products. Free up the Horse Power that is already there!

Bimota DB-5
50 pounds / 2.27 kg lighter
3.96 Gallons / 15 liters
Lifetime Warranty


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